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Thursday, July 06, 2006

PS3: No More Whining!

Personally,I dont see why so many people in the video game world are up in arms about the PS3 costing $600. The fast is, video game systems are way underpriced for their capabilities: sure, back in the day of the N64 or SNES, consoles might have only been worth a few hundred bucks, but thats because all they could do was play games.

The next generation of systems that we have (or are about to get) are simply amazing when you think about it. Not only can the PS3 play games with great graphics, sound and (hopefully) depth, the console can play CD's, store music, play DVD's and Blu-ray disks and access the internet to get updates and play online. I think that's worth $600 right there (considering any other Blu-ray player costs over $1000), but, if rumors are true, that's not all it can do. The PS3 may have a full Linux build on it, making it no less than a full-fledged high-end PC that would normally cost upwards of $5000! Do the math.

I see no reason for a hard-core gamer to *settle* for the XBox360 or the retarded Wii, especially considering the PS3 has gyro controlers like the Wii and is flat out more capable than both of the others. If you're going to spend hours a week in front of a console, might as well fork out a little extra cash. The XBox does have Halo though, I'll give it that...

"You have the last word" - Bill O'Reily

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Back Again

Man, I've forgotten how much I love (and hate) blogging. Ever since my old, beloved, crappy computer finally retired for good, it seems that I haven't gotten on the inter-web nearly as much as I used too. Now I'm stuck using the family's fancy new Dell, which I despise since there are so many users on it. Every man deserves the right to his own computer to overclock or crash at his pleasure. Oh well, hopefully I'll have enough money in a couple of weeks to finsh building my new compy.

Anyways, this is my fifth blog, or sixth? I dunno. I've always tried to limit myself on what I've blogged about, which makes me bored, so I trash those blogs. I'm sure you know the feeling, but I won't give up on this blog! No sir! This blog will keep me happy because it's about everything, or rather, nothing in particular. Hence the name "Enormous Nemo", because a blog about nothing can be infinitely bigger than one with limits on what to blog about. Which one's more interesting to the reader? Meh, you decide.

There's the end of compulsory first post...